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Japan to step up enrollment of foreign residents in pension system

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The Japanese government will strengthen efforts to ensure foreign residents are enrolled in the country’s public pension program by accessing relevant information during the migration process, sources close to the matter said Monday.

All foreign residents in Japan are required to enroll in the pension service either through self-registration by submitting an application or employer registration. However, some cases still slip through the system.

Starting around October, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare plans to upgrade the Japan Pension Service system to obtain data once a foreigner moves to Japan, the sources said.

File photo taken in October 2015 shows the building housing Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Tokyo. (Kyodo)

If a foreign resident has not yet enrolled in the system, the ministry will first send a letter requesting them to sign up, and if no action is taken, it will have the authority to enroll the person, according to the sources.

The move is aimed at ensuring all foreign residents in Japan pay insurance premiums and are entitled to social security benefits.

All persons aged 20 to 59 years with an address in Japan must be enrolled in the country’s pension system, regardless of nationality. Upon enrollment, they will be eligible to receive pension payments from age 65.

For fiscal 2024 starting in April, the contribution amount for the national pension was 16,980 yen ($108) a month.

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