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Ulster Co. approves occupancy tax to fund tourism

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KINGSTON, N.Y. (NEWS10)– Ulster County Legislature approved dedicating 25% of annual occupancy tax to the Housing Action Fund and 25% to public transportation on Tuesday. The vote passed 16-6 and also amended to allocate another 10% of annual revenue to the Ulster County Department of Tourism.

Occupancy taxes increased by 4% in 2023, the first increase since 1991. The 2024 adopted budget reflected the dedication of funds to the transportation system and housing fund, with the remaining 50% going to the county’s general fund.

County officials said the funding streams will begin at the end of the year. The tax will generate roughly $1.5 million annually for housing and transportation and $630,000 for the tourism department.

Ulster County Legislature Chair Peter Criswell said the allocation of occupancy tax is a step forward for the county to ensure sustainable housing, public transportation, and tourism funding. “By dedicating a portion of the occupancy tax revenue, we are investing in long-term stability and growth, which will benefit our community for years to come,” he said.

County Executive Jen Metzger said the allotment of funds is essential for the county’s prosperity and well-being. “Our workers need affordable housing and an affordable way to get around,” she said.

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2024-06-19 15:32:16

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