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ODM MP’s Son Rushes to Defend Father after Online Attack over His Finance Bill Vote

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  • Kenyan social media users have been scrutinising the lawmakers and their stances over the controversial Finance Bill 2024
  • Mark Nyamita, the Uriri MP, was almost roasted after claims flew that he was among the 204 who voted for the bill
  • However, with proof, the legislator’s son clarified that his father was opposed to the bill from the onset and hence he voted No

Kai Eli, a journalist at, brings more than three years of experience covering politics and current affairs in Kenya.

Uriri MP Mark Nyamita was to be admitted into the bad books of the disgruntled Kenyan netizens were it not for his son.

Uriri MP Mark Nyamita.
Uriri MP Mark Nyamita giving his submissions in the National Assembly. Photo: Azimio TV.
Source: Facebook

Mark Nyamita’s son’s reaction

In a tweet that he has since deleted, blogger Cyprian Nyakundi alleged that the lawmaker elected on an ODM ticket had voted for the unpopular Finance Bill 2024, putting him up for online bashing.

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With the heat and chaos on the X timelines lately, the young man was quick to clarify that, indeed, his father had opposed the bill.

He shared a list in which the lawmaker was indicated as one of the opposition’s 115 who cast the No vote.

Nyamita is among the ODM dissenters who have been pledging allegiance to President William Ruto.

ODM party secretary general Edwin Sifuna declared his intentions to summon MPs elected on the outfit’s ticket who disregarded the public’s plea and their party’s stand to oppose the bill.

What next for the Finance Bill 2024?

With the vote outcome, the bill will now be adopted back by the Finance and Planning Committee, which will consider the proposed amendments before it is taken to the floor of the House for the third reading, in which the final vote will be taken.

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The next sitting will be on Tuesday, June 25.

President William Ruto’s assent awaits after the third reading, making the bill the new finance law.

The law will be in force from July 1 this year, through June 30, 2025.

This came after the House deliberated on the objects of the bill since Wednesday, June 19, following the conclusion of the public participation phase by the committee to which Kenyans and other stakeholders submitted their views.


Read More: ODM MP’s Son Rushes to Defend Father after Online Attack over His Finance Bill Vote

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