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Gloucestershire millionaire’s man cave being demolished

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Image caption, The roof has been dismantled from Graham Wildin’s man cave

  • Author, Chloe Harcombe
  • Role, BBC News, West of England

The demolition of a building known as Britain’s biggest man cave is under way.

Graham Wildin built the 10,000 sq ft leisure complex on Meendhurst Road, Cinderford, in 2014, despite not having planning permission.

Mr Wildin constructed a cinema, squash court, casino, bar and bowling alley in the building in his back garden.

It prompted a lengthy legal battle between Mr Wildin and the council, dating back to November 2013.

Forest of Dean District Council secured the site and began demolishing the structure in May.

So far, the roof has been removed, exposing the foundations and interior of the structure.

Mr Wildin has not commented on the latest development.

Image caption, Graham Wildin failed to obtain planning permission for his ‘man cave’

Legal action began after a member of the public complained to the council and Mr Wildin was advised the building was not permitted.

In November 2018, the council obtained an injunction against Mr Wildin and instructed him to demolish the building by 25 April 2020.

He ignored the order, and was found to be in contempt of court for his actions.

In August 2022, he was jailed for six weeks.

The most recent deadline for Mr Wildin to comply expired in January 2023, which then led to the final stage of enforcement action.

The council will recover the cost of demolition from Mr Wildin – though the full figure has not been disclosed.

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