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Feel the Full Aruba Effect in Tourism Campaign

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Full-service advertising agency Deep Focus has launched a new round of creative for Aruba Tourism Authority that continues to showcase the positive emotional impact that makes traveling to the island unique. The work launches today and will run throughout the year.

The integrative campaign will encompass North America, Latin America and Europe, with localized versions of ads adapted for the non-U.S. markets. Mediums include CTV video (Hulu, Netflix, Max, Disney+), digital (YouTube), social media (TikTok), audio (Spotify, New York Times DAYBREAK), display (ADARA, Kayak, Kargo, Bidtellect), weather-triggered OOH, and custom digital content (Bon Appetit, Modern Luxury). Executions include a :75 anthem ad, four :30 spots, and three :15 lifts.

Caribbean advertising is a sea of sameness. Similar beaches. Similar water. Similar weather. To elevate beyond industry conventions and create a different, more emotional connection with consumers, the agency tapped into what distinguishes Aruba beyond its physical characteristics.  

After an extensive research process and creative iteration, the agency determined that Aruba’s difference from other Caribbean islands is the lasting effect it has on visitors. Once they leave, Aruba never truly leaves them. This idea is articulated as ‘The Aruba Effect’ in the creative.  

This is the third year of the Aruba Effect campaign, and the shop has evolved it purposefully over time. “As a creative platform, The Aruba Effect continues to evolve in smart, surprising ways to capture the truth that the physical beauty of the island is matched by the kindness of its people,” said Matt Steinwald, Deep Focus ECD.

“You know how after some vacations you need a vacation?” a VO asks as the camera lingers on a sunbather’s fingers, sifting through white sand as she reads her novel on an isolated beach after swimming in emerald-blue water in one spot. “This isn’t one of those vacations. The spot tags with, “Calm That Stays with You.”

Deep Focus partnered with a global team of experts for the spot, including veteran director Klaus Obermeyer Jr. (CNN, Travelocity, Amazon), director of photography Johan Palm, and nature photographer Mathieu Young. 

Deep Focus is Aruba’s AOR. They won the media business in 2019 and were given creative responsibilities in 2021. 

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