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Texas Roadhouse Turkey Drive in West Knoxville

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Don Dare and Hannah Moore

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The restaurant with the low score this week is usually busy from the time it opens until it closes. The inspector marked down more than half a dozen critical violations in his report.

The grade is a 71 at Texas Roadhouse, the one on Turkey Drive in West Knoxville at Turkey Creek. That 71 is a passing score. A grade of 69 and below is considered failing.

Texas Roadhouse, 11001 Turkey Drive, Knoxville — Grade: 71, Follow-up Grade: 93

When he checked the meat and onion slicers that were stored as clean and ready to go, the inspector wrote they were dirty with food debris.

Some food temperatures were off. Mixed salads were at 55 degrees. Whipped butter and cream at 51 degrees. A temperature of 41 or below is required.

Several employee hand sinks were blocked by equipment, but hand sinks are supposed to be accessible to employees. In addition, paper towels for employees to use were missing at two different locations in the kitchen.

The inspector wrote that he found discolored pepper stored in a cooler and damaged equipment was found throughout the kitchen.

The inspector returned to the Texas Roadhouse in Turkey Creek. The critical violations were checked. All had been corrected. The new grade is a 93.

Top Scores of the Week

  • Texas Roadhouse, 7559 Conner Road, Powell — 100
  • Zaxby’s, 4020 Crippen Road, Knoxville — 100
  • Texas Roadhouse, 3071 Kinzel Way, Knoxville — 99
  • Chick-fil-a, 7520 Kingston Pike, Knoxville — 99
  • Cava, 6638 Kingston Pike, Knoxville — 99
  • Steak ‘n Shake, 500 E. Emory Road, Powell — 99
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill, 909 Vintage Way, Alcoa — 99
  • Stockyard BBQ, 1419 Jacksboro Pike, LaFollette — 99

There were quite a few other restaurants with inspection scores in the high 90s around East Tennessee. The inspection sheets are supposed to be posted where you can find and read them.

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