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XL O-Rings for e-powertrains | Automotive Powertrain Technology International

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Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems, a leader in high-performance sealing solutions and a long-standing partner of the automotive sector, has developed a new version of its XL O-Rings, specially adapted for powertrain applications in electric and hybrid vehicles.

Expert in the design and manufacturing of O-Rings and Bonded Seals, Hutchinson accompanies the evolution of the automotive sector toward more sustainability and has developed a new version of its XL O-Rings that meet the requirements of new electric and hybrid vehicle powertrains.

Due an ability to produce very large parts, Hutchinson developed XL O-Rings matching e-motors’ increased size: O-Rings diameters range from 130mm to 250mm with cross sections from 3mm to 6mm.

These XL O-Rings are made in materials offering high resistance to chemicals and compatibility with dielectric fluids and cooling fluids, often in EPDM or AEM. Its laboratory and technical department continuously support the expansion of the range to work with any new technical fluid used to maintain the optimum operating temperature of motors or mechanical systems.

The size of these seals requires specific care during assembly operation, which can be handled by self-lubricating compounds and technical surface treatments, enabling OEMs and equipment suppliers to reach productivity gains.

Hutchinson is at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to mechanical cleanliness requirements, meeting the highest levels of cleanliness in international standards: ISO 16232:2018, ISO 14644-1:2015 and VDA19.1:03-2015. The cleanliness procedures define a maximum concentration of particles and a maximum size of particles and ensure a high level of excellence through rigorous quality control.

Safe sealing is guaranteed thanks to in-house manufacturing in accordance with international quality standard ISO 3601. All Hutchinson O-Rings and Bonded Seals production sites are ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified, demonstrating a true commitment to continuous improvement, quality and excellence. The integration and control of the entire manufacturing process, from formulation to delivery, and the ability to design and develop optimal sealing solutions, have enabled Hutchinson to obtain approvals from the major manufacturers in Europe, NAFTA and Asia.

As well as XL O-Rings, Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems has developed a range of sealing solutions for e-powertrain propulsion systems, including high-speed rotary shaft seals, grounding rings, oil spray rings, inverter casing seals, as well as solutions for thermal management and battery packs.

As an expert in sealing and protection solutions, Hutchinson provides ever greater comfort and safety in transportation, while adapting these solutions to market developments and environmental challenges.

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