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Are You Keeping Up With Changing Digital Practices? | Retailers Respond

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Retailers have heard for years from nearly every person, publication, association and guidebook that a website and online presence is a must-have. A website — especially one from which sales could be made — became undoubtedly important in 2020, when COVID-19 shut down in-person shopping around the world for weeks at a time. But, now that the pandemic is in the rearview and many businesses and people are back to pre-pandemic routines and habits, how is your website looking? What about your social media pages and listings on sites like Google and Yelp? Is it still a priority? Are you still selling online? Did you do any recent maintenance?

Here, we’ve asked a few retailers to weigh in on the issue of best digital practices for retail and share their own updates. Get a better feel for how other retailers from across the gift and specialty store industry are crafting their online presence and learn what works well for them on socials. Want to learn more about best digital practices? Read up on our REA finalists for Social Media and Online Initiatives.

Lisa Gustafson of Periwinkle Emporium
Lisa Gustafson of Periwinkle Emporium and a screenshot of one of the store’s social posts.

Lisa Gustafson of Periwinkle Emporium
Glendora, Calif.

“We have a website and we do offer online shopping there. Customers can choose between local delivery, pickup or shipping when shopping, and we have everything from wrapping paper, greeting cards and other stationery, kids’ toys, gifts and many other things available for online shoppers.

“The events calendar is also available on our website, complete with a description of each event, our location and time details, and the option to purchase tickets. This has been very useful for us and the customers, and we link back to our website for signup when promoting our classes and events online on things like Instagram.”

What’s Selling?

“Elle Crée’s Paint-by-Number Kits include everything you need to create a beautiful painting and to take an enchanting break from your hurry.”

Debi Sullivan of Glass Mermaids
Debi Sullivan of Glass Mermaids and a screenshot of one of the store’s social posts.

Debi Sullivan of Glass Mermaids
League City, Texas

“Last summer, I really focused on our online presence during our 20th anniversary. Glass Mermaids has always been a store that you have to experience, and I always thought that could not be achieved online. But two ladies [who] joined our team a couple of years back have finally talked me into the social media world. I learned videos can bring the customer into the store’s ‘home,’ and have stuck with posting more regularly. We have also redone our website with new photos and a new layout, though we have not started selling online just yet, which was one of our goals from last year when I started focusing on the web.”

What’s Selling?

“Adorn your patio and trees with these adorable Gord-O Bird Houses! Each is made out of gourds.”

Melinda Vitale Shaw of MeLinda's Fine Gifts
Melinda Vitale Shaw of MeLinda’s Fine Gifts and a screenshot of one of the store’s social posts.

Melinda Vitale Shaw of MeLinda’s Fine Gifts
Picayune, Miss.

“Summer is slower for us, so we continue to reach out online and in other ways to get people in and shopping, in-person or online. On our website, you can purchase shoes, apparel items and a selection of our gift items and our accessories, like our cookbooks and tumblers and mugs from Swig and Tervis. Our website also hosts a promotional video we created, and all our social media profiles, which we try to post on at least once a day promoting new styles, our sales and things like that. We also use the website to talk a little about myself and the store’s almost 27-year history.”

What’s Selling?

“When you need to dress up a gift for a friend, carry your groceries out with ease, or keep a tote stashed under your car seat, the Consuela Grab and Go Mini or Basic Bag is your go-to! These colorful utility totes are easy to clean and ready to go.”

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