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Cumberland Valley School District is investigating its cheerleading program

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) – The Cumberland Valley School District says it’s investigating its cheerleading program after hearing questions and comments from the community regarding the cheerleading program at the high school.

We spoke with Gary Pittman who says his daughter was bullied by the Cumberland Valley cheerleading coaches.

“They create a culture that’s very toxic and that basically it encourages bullying,” said cheer dad Gary Pittman.

Pittman claims the coaches treated her differently.

“She’s on her cell phone at a competition when there’s three girls sitting out on a phone, but they don’t say anything to them, but they single her out and yell at her,” said Pittman.

Another example Pittman shared.

“They were selecting her to carry the heaviest equipment and I’m like, and they didn’t rotate,” said Pittman.

While Pittman’s daughter is no longer on the cheer team. He says he is coming forward not just for her but for all the cheerleaders past and present.

“I have a few parents that are standing with me. I had a few cheerleaders that are standing with me, standing with us and I invite all of those other parents, come forward and say, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll stand with you because we cannot get rid of this issue being silent,” said Pittman.

Cumberland Valley School District releasing a statement:

“Over the last few weeks, the Board has received questions and comments from community members regarding the CV High School cheerleading program. The district strives to ensure that all students and employees have positive experiences as part of their time and participation in our activities. As such, district administration is looking into the feedback received regarding the program.”

The Cumberland Valley Cheerleading Staff released the following statement:

“The Cumberland Valley High School Varsity cheerleading coaches are aware of allegations of bullying. Our staff prioritizes fostering a safe, respectful environment for student-athletes to grow into young adults. We are dedicated to nurturing confidence, promoting teamwork, and providing our athletes a supportive atmosphere where they can thrive.” 

“Every claim of bullying should be thoroughly investigated and we will fully cooperate to ensure proper procedures are followed. Accusations like this can tarnish reputations and impact athletes, but we are confident a comprehensive investigation will reveal the truth and uphold the integrity of our program.” 

abc27 news will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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