We are always scouring the web for the most amazing watches currently available, and each Friday we share five standout pieces with you.

A current model Rolex at retail pricing right now? If you’re struck with disbelief, you’re not alone. Rolex expert Eric Wind told Robb Report earlier this week that, “People don’t realize they can suddenly go buy a modern Rolex for less than it would cost at retail. There was all this hysteria, and so that surprises people.”

The past few years have seen unprecedented demand around Rolex watches, pushing secondary market pricing to all-time highs. We reported on Monday that prices have been coming back toward buyers in recent months for various reasons, however, and there are a surprising number of current Rolex references on the pre-owned market available at, or within shouting distance of, their retail price (plus tax, in most cases). This “buyers market” opens the door to discovering Rolex’s current collection without the long waiting list blues.

This week, we’ve curated a selection of these modern references that represent the very best of the Crown’s deep history. Whether it’s the over-engineered exploits of the Sea-Dweller, or the quirky nature of the modern Air-King, these are five watches on the market right now that are only a few clicks away from your wrist.